Down to the tipy tip

Almost 3 years after leaving the UK I have returned home….ish

St Ives is a town in Cornwall, which is a county in the far south west of England. Some people think that Cornwall should be a separate country from England. I am not from Cornwall; neither are my parents.

I arrived back in this Celtic land surrounded by the Atlantic sea in May. The town has a lot of seasonal work due to the tourism industry, so it wasn’t long before I found myself a job. I served beer to adults and ice cream to kids at the Garden Bar; which is part of Porthminster restaurant. I loved this job, partly because of my work colleague Tahnee, a lovely Australian girl and also because of the lack of stress.

Tahnee and I

It was a great summer, allowing me to re-establish my goals which had been distorted by my desire to live in California, at any cost. The main cost being stuck in a job I hated for 3 years!

St Ives has multiple beaches, beautiful costal walks and is saturated in mythical history. It wasn’t long before my dog Poppy and I found ourselves wondering in to smugglers caves, climbing down rope to secret beaches and wondering for miles along coastline lined with rugged cliffs and crystal blue water stirring alongside us.

Poppy on the costal path

It is not just natural beauty that made St Ives a lovely place to return to. The town boasts some of the best restaurants in the UK.

It is now five months since I returned to England and I feel that I have made significant progress mentally and physically. Now I am anxious to proceed with the next chapter…

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